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Back in november 2002 Elektor Electronics published an project for a seven led (white) flashlight.Those who have seen the article will admit it is a excellent idea. Now copyright restrictions forbid me from posting the a schematic, showing the use of a PIC 12C672 to measure battery voltage (lithium-ion) and the step up voltage converter driven by software output of same ic dependant on measured battery voltage.
With a simple multi function two button input controlling on/off and brightness settings, auto power off and charge level indication
(led array pulses 1hz low batt 10hz full charge as an example)

The source code is available as is a pcb artwork and case specifications from the Elektor website...

Can we at this forum put our collective heads together and come up with perhaps a better and non-copyright solution, perhaps including a Li-ion charger based around a single PIC?

We could just shoe-horn acouple of Maxim ic's into a std case but the extra functions are what makes it special and far superior to anything else available. :idea:
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