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Hi everyone

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Hi guys, I have been interested in electronics since I could talk, building things, and taking things apart (a lot of taking things apart!) and somehow I survived 240 volts at the age of 8. As I grew older I started to build projects from electronics magazines and books and learned to put things back together. I remember my first projects used germanium transistors like AC128 and OC81 when they were still a thing (funny how those numbers stuck in my head) All the projects I built as a youngster were of analog design, I dabbled with some logic gates at college but I had never built a serious digital project until I bought an Arduino a couple of years ago to try and bring myself up to speed with current technology. Although I have a good understanding of the hardware, I have never been any good at writing code, so although the circuits were of my own design, I cherry picked bits of code from other projects, modifying them and stitching them together to do what I want.

When I got a job at at electronics firm after finishing college, I lost interest in building projects, although the interets in electronics was still there. I think that is one of the reasons I fell behind, now with FPGA's and SoC's at the forefront, all I learnt in my bedroom, at college and in my first job is now pretty much redundant.

However, I look forward to discussing tech past and present with you guys :)


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Welcome. If you are new to programming then some of the online compilers let you get each part working before incorporating into your project. In this thread (post 4) I linked to such a page to demonstrate what the OP requested. Looking forward to seeing some of your code. And, don't worry, we were all beginners at some point.



Its not redundant. FPGA's are not everything. You can still use your knowledge, but it may not be enough in the field that you are. The rest is used in other fields, you have to pick yours and keep upgrading your knowledge.
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