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help !!

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kiran h

New Member
hi... i want want to build a device which will find the error in a energymeter (i.e meter is fast or slow) and display the percentage error by comparing the impulse of the energymeter with a standard reference

the standard reference here is a 0.1 Class meter.

the impulse of the energy meter is to be detected through a LED connected to it

can any one tell me how i should go about building this thing


New Member
error detector of an energymeter

:D hi there kiran h,

before any help will come your way, pls. let us know how adept you are with electronics specially on this issue you presented. people out here are not mind readers of whats your status about electronics.

pls. answer the following;
1. do you have any idea of what devices will be used here?
2. do you have any idea of how these devices functions or works?
3. will you be able to troubleshoot the device in case it bogs down?
4. were is this energymeter used.
5. is it a critical parameter that the meter show the exact condition?

i believe the detector becomes your back-up instrument to detect error on display. but how would you know that the detector is giving you the correct info? :?

pls. this reply is not meant to offend you. :wink:
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