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Help with prototype designing


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Hello everyone,
I am interested in carrying out a small technological project and before starting it I want to make sure it is possible,
I will refrain from specific details about the project's purpose because I may want to register it as a patent in the future, but if I miss important information please ask me and answer as best I can.
The essence of the project is measuring how many metal objects make contact with the main metal surface, and in case of removing one of the objects, to create a warning.
My question is if there is a sensor that I can attach to the metal surface that will sample the surface tension at any given moment and know how to detect objects that are placed on it, of course, the metal object placed on the surface will be connected to a device too (preferably powered by a small battery) that will give the electrical resistance that the sensor will detect, do you know a product that can help me build the project or at least a prototype, is there a possibility for such a project? do you think of a smarter way to accomplish this project?
Thank you very much for your time and sorry if my questions aren't accurate or professional, this is not my main occupation.


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look up capacitive and inductive proximity sensors.

I think surface tension will depend highly on the belt and weight of the object. Surface tension can be measured with an arm attached to something that measures the change in rotation.

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