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Help with Project

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I have been asking random and sometimes incoherent questions, but this is my project almost fully described.

I have the circuit below already soldered onto a PCB.

This circuit is to be used for noise measurement in different transistors.
Presently, I have 4 different transistors ( 2 NMOS and 2 PMOS), the plan is to measure noise in these transistors at room temperature then at cyrogenic temperature.
Attached below are the schematics for 2 transistors.

pmos B.jpg

NMOS B.gifInstruments I have:
Spectrum Analyzer.

I have experience in circuit analysis, and some basic electronics.

Any and every help would be appreciated in making this measurement.
As described above, I already built this board with all components on it, all that remains is connecting the transistors properly and making measurement.
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