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Help with motor control.

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I am currently in my final year at university and have been asked to develop a game(the claw) which is available in many arcades and amusement parks, the game in which by using a joystick you control the claw to move around then desecnd and grab a toy, watch, sweets etc.

The only problem is i have to design it for a child with celebral palsy who can only move his head from side to side and back and forward, his head has a neck/head rest in the shape of a 'U' where i am hoping to put switches on, so by hittin his head on either side will see the arm/claw move that way each time.

As i am not really clued up on these things i was hoping that someone on here could help me with what type of switch to use and how many? where these switches are connected to and also what motor to use to control it? Basically the full control of this design, keeping in mind the childs disabilities, remember the claw must also be controlled on how to descend somehow and grab the toy or whatever.

Cheers and any help is appreciated.
Not open for further replies.

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