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Help with differentiation

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Hello, Ive got a maths exam next week and need help on differentiation as I'm finding it hard to get my head around. I have a few examples of theory questions, if someone could walk me through how to get the solution(s) that would be great, or just the solutions and I could work my way back through the method. Thanks

I have to differentiate the following:

f (x) = 2 exp (0.4x – 5)

g (x) = ln (2-3x)

I (t) = Pb/R (0.2 – 3e^at)

y (t) = 3 ln (0.5t – 0.4)

I also have to evaluate definite integrals but would need to scan that examples in, i think the above is more than enough to ask for help with :eek:


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f' (x) = 0.8 exp (0.4x – 5)

g' (x) = -3/(2-3x)

I' (t) = Pb/R (– 3ae^at)

y' (t) = 1.5/(0.5t – 0.4)
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