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Help Please!!!

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Hi guys, i am a new member:)İ have a project based on rf communicaiton and it will find some lost items.Now here is my question;
I wanted to make a transmitting and receiving circuitries first and my lecturer told me "Find a transceiver chip!!" then started to search something i found but they are extremely small how can i mount them?
Then my lecturer abused and told "find transmitter and receiver chips" .Allright i found from maxim and some other sellers.but they are also deadly small.how will i solder them?
Now suppose i did them the chips have operating circuits in that circuits they use antennas but what kind of an antenna?
i am reall lost in the theory and it is my first real electronics please help me!!
ps.In Turkey you can't find most of the chips and sample sending sellers are not supporting here.If you know someone sending sample to Turkey please inform me.
If someone accepts taking samples for me and posting them to me,i will be very happy.
Not open for further replies.

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