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Help on Compiling Error

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I am new to PIC Basic, trying to learn the compiler. My first problem encounter is to use PIC Basic Pro 2.43 to compile a simple blink program using the PIC Basic Pro compiler, then I use the hex file generated to be loaded into the ICProg 1.5A. The is no errors during burning the 12F675.

But the program doesn't blink the LED when I put into the breadboard, even measure with the DVM, no High from the pin out as programmed.

I tried to assembled the asm file from compiler from the MPLAB, there is 29 errors shown, the first line of the error file show the include file M12F675 not found, but the file is in the compiler INC directory. Attached file is the errors of the MPLAB.

Any ideas what happen ?
Not open for further replies.

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