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Help needed identifying connector

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I have been using a small digital camera to do aerial video for a while using a small RC airplane. I have found that the camera is too heavy for the plane and wish to lighten it up. I took the camera apart and managed to succesfully test it on a static bag with just the main circuit board and lens attached. This is really light and should let the plane fly much more effectively. Now that I am looking at it I can see that the lens module is attached to the main board with just a simple connector. If I could determine where to get that connector and get a small cable that would let me extend it I could mount the camera lens right in the nose of the plane away from the main camera circuit board and get some really cool video. So I come to you with this proposal...you help me find this connector and when I find it I will come back here and post some awesome video from the result. I am attaching a pic with some shots of the connector. If you need more info let me know.

The camera is an Aiptek MPVR
The connector is the white component in the image. The 2 left images are of the female connector the right is the male mounted on the lens module.

Thanks for any help!




Connectors like this tend to be manufacturer specific, they are made only for a specific piece of equipment. Chances of finding one elsewhere are slim. I think your best bet would be to contact the local service agent for the equipment. . . Or maybe see if you can buy another camera the same (ie. one being sold spares or repair) for example on ebay, or local junk shop.

In fact if you're willing to spend a few pounds, you can get some really small CCD camera units on ebay quite cheap.


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Ha, yea, I too, think it may be difficult to find these.

You could try a deadbug solder job. You only have 18 connections, so it couldn't be any tougher than an TQFP.
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