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Help in identifying unmarked crystal oscillator

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I found a few crystal oscillators lying around that have no markings on them at all. I bought them all a long time back , so i have no clue what their frequencies are. However , i know for sure that all the crystals are of the same frequency.
They are all small and cylindrical. they look exactly like the 2nd row middle crystal in this photo :


The crystals have no markings whatsoever that i can see.

I tried testing the crystal by inserting them in an Atmega8 which was configured for external oscillator. It did not work. The atmega was working fine with 16mhz crystal. So , its not the fault of the atmega8.

So , i guess that the crytsal must be less than 8mhz since it did not work with the atmega8.
Does any have a clue what frequency this crystal is?

I have a 20mhz dual channel scope.
Is there any way of hooking up the crystal to the scope and then seeing the frequency of the wave?


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A 32768Hz crystal is made in that can size/shape, usually for real time clocks and watches.

Make up a simple osc using a 4049UB or something simliar.
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