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Hello I am Jer

Hello everyone I am new here I like to go by Jer.
I frequent on DIYaudio so there maybe some that know of me.
I thought that I might join in here so that I can discuss things about electronics with people that doesn't always have to be about audio although that is where most of my interest are.

I like any thing electronics under the sun and I am self taught in the field I am very knowledegable but I don't go calling myself an expert as I don't have any professional schooling.
I also have a pro recording system and have been doing that for many years as well as I do play musical instruments.

Lately I have been designing and building Electrostatic Loudspeakers and my ultimate goal is to build a direct drive amp for them so I have a vast understanding about transformers and how to go about designing and building them.

Anyway I won't bore you with anymore details as I just wanted to Introduce myself and I look forward to helping any I can with what I do know and I hope that I can learn some more new things along the way from others as well.

jer :)


Welcome to the forums, audio enthusiasts are great as long as you're not one of those audiophiles that buys the 5 thousand dollar cables, or the piece of wood that you place in a room that increases the sound field ;) You sound like the real deal. There's a pretty wide range of experience/professions here. Lot of smart young kids (EN, ghostman to name two) and a lot of college students (this place is a nightmare of 'give me schematics and code' around finals time)

I started in electronics from an interest in RC cars and aircraft and found I liked the electronics so much that I ended up learning a decent amount on my own I'm a metal finisher at a machine shop by trade. I was on an RC forum for a couple years before I found this place, been here 5 years. I'm a bit of rabble rouser (stick around you'll see) but I've my good points as well => definitely a piece of furniture you trip over all the time so to speak =)

If you have the time and care to start a new thread in a forum related to your current plans for Electrostatic speakers I'd be interested, moreso in what you know about transformers though. I'm especially curious about your magnetic knowledge because transformer designs is still black magic to me. The last time I looked up the different types of core materials that exist I damn near had a stroke! I've recently ripped the secondary off of a Microwave oven transformer with the aim to make a resistance welder, that's pretty basic though but it would be nice to know more about how various types of transformers power/smps/audio work from someone that knows them well enough to attach enough laymen terms to them to be understandable.

If you're of the mind an article on transformer design would be neat, but obviously that would take a bit of time.

At any rate, welcome to the forum, and good luck!
Thanks !!
I'm the type of person that would use a piece of 12Ga. romex for a speaker cable than go out and spend over $5 a foot For some Monster cable and try to convence myself that I can actualy hear the .5 db of drop of the signal above 10khz. Ha,ha,ha

I have been in quite a few threads over in DIYAudio on transformer design for audio and taking the Mysteries out of ESL's as I like to encouarge people to give the technology a try!
It is really not that hard to do although many beg to differ.

I love collecting MOT's as they are a great source of free powersupply's.

Transformers were a bit of a mystery to me as well then I did a big study on how and what makes them tick as I documented the whole thing over on DIYAudio using Power Toriodal Transformers as step-ups for the ESL and I started one on step-down for driving ribbons as well.

You are welcome to go over there and search me up and you will find them.
Meanwhile I will gather up all of the links for you some time soon.
I have many pictures of my projects and audio equipment there as well.

I love the site but sometimes there is not much going on as can be expected, lots of times I find myself teaching others how opamps work and what a bipolar supply is,(he,he) But thats okay as the only way to learn is to ask questions like I did when I first started out.

I picked up electronics when I was about 3 years old in the mid 60's from My uncle Tom who was one of the top electrical engineers at Ford in Detroit and is an active Ametuar radio operator and still making and flying RC Planes regularly.

Thanks Again,I am sure that I will fit right in !!!

Jer :)
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Transformers were a bit of a mystery to me as well then I did a big study on how and what makes them tick as I documented the whole thing over on DIYAudio using Power Toriodal Transformers as step-ups for the ESL and I started one on step-down for driving ribbons as well.
Please provide links to me in private, I'll search you up if needed.

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Hey Jer, welcome to the ETO forums. I am sure you will find no shortage of things of interest here. While not a dedicated audio forum there are no shortage of knowledgeable audio types here. Enjoy!


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