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heating device for etching process


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Hi Gareth123,

I didn't say that 17W will suffice to keep your etchant at temperature of 50deg/C. The greater the surface the more heating power you'll need.

An aquarium heater of 50W heats 2l of etchant more than required. (Using a temperature switch the temperature can be set to any value.)

You won't have to boil the PCB for fast etching though and I guess 25W is the maximum you'll need for one liter.

A warming tray has to keep food temperature at 80 to 85deg/C and required heating power increases by the power of two.

Also you won't have to use a glass bowl for etching. A photographic developer tray is better, since etching also requires mechanical action (waves of etchant caused by gently rocking the tray).

It won't melt at temperatures of 50deg/C if it's made of ABS or PVC.

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mvs sarma

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the heater looks nice
but not suitable unless the element and the soldered joints are isolated from ferric chloride. whow about using a porcelain try and use direct heating on stove for a while?

The one i referred in an earlier post with a link reached me broken.

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