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I have a Heathkit, Hero 2000 ARM, Model: ET-19-1. It's still in the boxes, never been assembled. Looking to sell it, if anybody is interested please contact me.

Thank you,

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A couple of things:

I have moved your post to a more appropriate forum.
As a new member, you could probably not post in the Buy Sell and Trade forum any way, but as this is an item likely to be of interest to the other members, I will let it be.
Not a good idea to put your e-mail address on view in the forum, it can attract spam generators.
It would be a good idea to fill in your location details, (USA ?), otherwise people will not know where in the world the item is located and hence the likely shipping costs.

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At the top right hand corner of the page, use the mouse or whatever to point to your user name (JackSRQ) and a box of options will appear, click on Personal Details and you will find a box where your location can be entered.



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Hi Shokjok,

I'll bet you end up paying Goods & Service Tax (GST) on that import.
Yes, I will pay 5% GST even though it wasn't purchased in Canada. Concerns about drones and UAV's may also need to be addressed.

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