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Got to have one the dogs put dow:(


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We got a 16month old toy poodle, but tomorrow got to have him put to sleep.
He bites without reasons and when he attacks he wont back off, he is my little sisters dog and never shown her aggression. But he has bitten me and mum and a couple of other people without any reason, a couple of times down to the bone. Today after telling the dog groomer about it so she was aware, she clipped him no problem at all, but as she undid his lead he just went for her, she was fairly badly hurt.

So we have decided after talking again with the vet to have him put to sleep in the morning, i cant bring myself to shoot him. Really sad and my sister is heart broken as its her dog, but we cant risk her getting badly hurt.

so fecking upset


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Not so fast! What does the local Humane Society say? They may be able to rehabilitate the dog. You would likely have to turn it over to them and it would be re-homed after the rehabilitation, but that's better than 'putting it down'.

Ian Rogers

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Toy poodles ( well most toy dogs ) are very protective towards their main owner.. Your sister will be the dogs possession and he will go for anyone who hugs or comforts her.. As it is only 16 months, it can be trained but if there is any danger to your sister, then the answer is obvious...

My dog was a bit unstable when we got him, but now I can retrieve food out of his mouth without being bitten! Took a while to train though!!


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We have tried to rehouse him non stop we even had the vet check he was ok and no pain etc. Spoke with various animal behavior people etc and its all the same thing. In the UK no animal charity will take him as there insurance wont cover a dog with previous biting.

Spoke with a specialist who said she might be able to help, but she warned it could take a year, spoke with vet and the vet said yes and it that year.......... People think because the dof is so small he cant do alot of damage. Myself i have had 21 stitches altogether in 5 months, he just dosnt bite once he keep coming and coming at you then wont let go. He launches at you for no reason, i am well over 6' so he cant reach my face just my hands and legs.

My mum is 6' and she has had 9 stitches so far (i always get between her and the dog when he goes loopy). Personally i think he has pain somewhere, we give him painkillers every day for the last two weeks and he has got a bit better. BUT my sister he could reach her face, she gets really upset when he attacks someone and just freezes, so everyone we spoken says this to us.......

How much risk are we prepared to take that he wont attack her?

As much as we all love the dog (i been crying my eyes out all day) my little sister comes first, if i wasnt so attached to the dog or if i didnt have my little sister then we would keep trying. If he had so much as growled at her i would have shot the dog myself, but zero aggression to her and no one knows why, but all say the same thing.... Do you feel she is at risk, well i dont honestly know but i dont want to find out.

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