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Dear all!

I use ATMega64 with GLCD128x64 (KS0108).

I program with CodevisionAVR v3.12 and use glcd library in CodevisionAVR.

Can you help me, why I can not put any thing on the GLCD?!

Please see attach file (CodevisionAVR and Protues file).

Thanks and best regard!



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Thanks the Reply!
Please read the code inside Code folder.
Please also note that I'm using CodevisionAVR V3.12 --> This version support the GLCD library.
Thanks and best regard!


Ian Rogers

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But I don't use codevision!! So I don't have access to this code... However!! I will try...

I cannot see anywhere where you specify the pins used.... You need to see in the GLCD.H if the correct pins are being used..


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I've dowloaded the file and tryed it out with my evolution version.
It's to big to compile it - sorry.
The Port settings are to made in the "Project|Configure|C Compiler|Libraries|Graphic Display menu" folder.
In Your Project is used the PORTA for DATA 0...7,
and PORTC for the control Pins.
Possible bug's can be made with the fuses.
Do You have disabled the ATMEGA 103 compabitility Fuse?
Have You disabled the JTAG Fuse - when not using?
JTAG uses some pins of Port F of the ATMEGA64 and should make no trouble here, but I guess it's better to disable it.

Some Hardware errors with the cabelling of the Display are possible too.
Please refer the Datasheet of Your used Display to check the cabelling of the additional Parts.


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Dear all!
Yesterday, I checked with real PCB. It work fine.
Protues can not simulate but it can work in real.
Thanks all reply!

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