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FREE S/W to control multiple servos from cheap PIC

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This software will allow you to control upto 20 RC servos from a cheap
16F876 PIC.

The demo version is limited to 4 servos and runs on a very cheap 16F628 PIC
using the inertenal 4MHz oscillator.

The demo is written in XCSB and the source (for the demo not the servo
library) is available FREE for personal non-commercial use and can be
modified to interact with the servos as the user sees fit.

As it stands, the demo uses a 16x2 LCD and 3 push button switches to control
4 servos. One push button is used to select between servos while the other
two push buttons are used to increase and decrease the position of the
selected servo. This demo could easily be used to control a robotic arm. A
little tinkering would allow record and playback on a PIC with more RAM
(e.g. 16F88 or 16F876)


Sergio Masci
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