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Free ChipCorder ISD33060's for PicBasic

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I have acquired a number of new ISD33060. 1 minute speech recorder chips and have a few more than I need. Data sheets and App. info available online.

I am looking for a couple of unique projects for these using Picbasic Pro as the programming language.

If you think you have a good project in mind for one of these, email me a couple of lines on your project idea and I'll send one out for free.

The only stipulation is that you'll share with me the end results circuit and PicBasic source code, which I will NOT distribute.

....while they last.

[email protected]

Miguel Gonzalez

New Member
One good idea will be "Mayordomo": I abandoned this project for lack of time but it consist on reading the address and phone information out of the SIM cards (like on the motorola t191) and add speech recognition using Winbond ISD chips to each address and keep it on a separete organizer the side of a small calculator and as a back up for the SIM. remember, it has to be compatible with the phones technology so it work on your phone as well.
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