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Flash tubes


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I assume that the bottom side would be ground, and the other is obviously the high current side, also we can see where the high voltage trigger is as well...

but how does this trigger work, it seems to me that it has a path to the ground, but an even shorter path is the one to the high current capacitor, what happens when a trigger pulse finds its way and discharges to the +ve side of the capacitor first? and if it did/does, how is it able to find its way to ground and complete the flash(discharge of capacitor)??


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ok so i got polarity wrong,!

BUT, if we measure resistance as a ratio between A & K , then the anode is about 10x the distance the cathode from the kv trigger, which means about 10% of the trigger current will make it over to C3,,

again is this a problem or is the trigger current insignificant enough (and/or capacitor large enough ) to handle the shock from the trigger charge?

also if C3 is absorbing the trigger charge, how is it able to ionize the tube and complete the circuit?

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