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Fixed duty cycle pulse train multiplied by varying input frequency

10% constant duty cycle pulse train sampler

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Hey everyone,

Trying to figure out how to design a signal sampler that will sample a analog input signal (audio signal) and use PAM (pulse amplitude modulation) to sample it from 0-80 kHz. The duty cycle must stay at 10% despite what sample frequency is adjusted to. Looked a quite a few designs but everytime my frequency changes the duty cycle changes aswell. Was thinking about generating a pulse train with fixed duty cycle and multiplying it by the anlog input signal?
Any advice or ideas would be very helpful.




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What is the purpose of this?

PAM is a not a common modulation method. Normally it's used to encode digital bits but it appears you are trying to encode analog signal amplitude directly. Is that correct?

Why do you want to vary the sample rate?

Why does it require a fixed duty-cycle?

Answers to these questions will help give more accurate answers to your requirements.
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