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Finding Footprint for CD74HC00M

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In all the time that I have spent working with electronics, I have understood "footprint" to refer to the space occupied by a device on a PCB, and more particularly to the specific placement of the drilled holes, solder lands and tracks with respect to each other and to the board in general.

One online electronics glossary offers the following:

Footprint -- The area occupied by a device mounted on a substrate.

I know that the above is really an oversimplification, so to go further, read what Philips has to say in their article on SMD mounting methods.

The datasheet that I linked earlier offers all of the dimensional information needed for discerning the footprint for this device on pages six through eight. As already stated, these are common package types utilizing standard footprints. As a general rule, I have found that if the datasheet does not specify special mounting instructions for the device at hand, standard mounting instructions and considerations for the package type used will apply. :)
Not open for further replies.

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