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final embedded system product

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I put a lot of effort to find out what I am going to ask but had not success. Besides this forum I searched through http://www.electronicspoint.com/ and http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/ too but nothing.
What I try to find out?
I make my whole system with microcontroller works. Diods lighting, communication with outside world also works, motor spinning... But what I do not know is how to make 10 or 20 finished products from that one on my desk. Specific questions are these:
  1. How to program mC which is not on development board? For example I used development board STM32F3DISCOVERY and now I want to make few tens of products with mC which is on that board.
  2. Case making? How can I be sure that temperature, moisture or physical impact do not disturb my system? Please consider that I have not 3D printer.
  3. Power choosing and realization? Battery or public power system? Where to put on board? Why?
One more time I am sorry if I ask something which already exists here or ask something very stupid but I really did not succeed to find place where are described steps from system on desk to final product for production. Off course, I would like to do all of this on my own (if it is possible) without sending my schematic to some big company.
P.S. I put these questions on some other forums so if I get answer I will put it here also.
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At the moment you have a test rig and the STM32 dev board working on a bench.

Before you even consider a small production run, you need to build a fully working prototype with your problems 1 2 and 3 overcome.

You then need to test it fully for a period of time to ensure you have not got any software bugs left in and that the hardware design is robust.

As you are not showing us your design its hard to say whats needed, but for small runs its often simpler to use the cheap dev board with your own i/o board in the product rather than develop your own full smd board.

1. Seem there are plenty of links / web on how to program a STM chip direct.

2. Thats what making and testing a proper prototype is all about.

3. Again, not enough information on your design, though a wall pack/wart is also a popular option.
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