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Faulty Tv

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I am not a woman,who knows much about electronics, but I need the help of those electronically gifted ladies and gentlemen on this forum
I accidentally pour water in my tv (Sony Trinitron colour ), while cleaning my windows, the picture just went off
I turned on an electric fan to dry it up, then I took the back off and set it near my gas fire to dry up further, but the pictures still haven't come back.
Can someone tell me, what to do, to get the pictures back on. :eek:


Was the TV turned on when the water entered?


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I have been drying the inside after taking the back off since yesterday, all that has happened is, when I turned the tv on, nothing happens, but if I use the remote control and press on the standby button, the on/off switch starts to blink


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Exactly how much water? I mean, the set was enclosed (covers on), when it happened, correct? Hard to imagine a LOT of water getting inside except perhaps through exhaust vents on the top.

Unfortunately, this could be quite bad. Depending on the value of the TV set, it usually just isn't worth it anymore to attempt a repair unless you really know what you are doing. Many components are so expensive as to be more than the set is worth, if it is older.

I would make a cursory examination for obvious damage...evidence of smoke, charring, very dark, burnt areas on the circuit boards. I would look for fuses on each board and check them for continuity (with an ohm meter). Fuses can usually be pulled out of the circuit easily.

There might be a "power supply board" that is independant of the other circuits, and if you have experience with a volt meter you may check the DC voltages here. I would seek experienced help if you do not know what you are doing, and you should have SOME indications on the board or an internal wiring diagram of what these voltages should be. Perhaps there are test points clearly marked.

If any voltage is not present, it may be possible to replace the supply or send it out for repair. You might even find an electronics salvage company that has the same model set and available used parts, or Sony might help, but doubtfully by selling you parts or providing schematics. I've dealt with them before.

My WARNING, if this is a CRT (cathode ray tube) set, there are high voltages present at the flyback transformer and elsewhere that can kill you. There are proper techniques for discharging these voltages that only experienced technicians should perform. Be very careful in and around the set and limit yourself on what you attempt to do without experience.

My best advice, if the set is not particularly fancy or new, is to get another TV, even if it is a used one.


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Thank you Ke5frf,
I really do not know how old the tv is, it was a gift from friends, who emigrated to Australia.
It is a Sony Trinitron, model no KV-36FS70, it is a flat screen tv with normal tv back.
Can I get the spare parts for it.
Thank you for your concern


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The water went in through the vent on one of the sides.
And yes the tv was enclosed, when the accident happened.

Nigel Goodwin

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Water damage is generally pretty serious, and an old 36 inch CRT set is pretty worthless these days - I wouldn't take a fully working one if it was given to me (and a number have been offered).

If the sets has been turned ON, either when the water was spilt in, or subsequently, it will have caused more damage. I would suggest you contact your household insurance company, which probably cover such an accident.


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Is the standby led flashing continuously-or does it flash so many times stop then flash again so many times and so on?if so this error code will give me an idea roughly where the trouble may be..........
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Re: Your tv dilemma there

Hello Toro

As one who has repaired many a broken TV set before I can give you some sound advice here.

First of all - Sony doesn't make that great of a TV set to begin with - less any of their other electronics as well - sorry - but it's true. Their circuits aren't the best engineered designs - that is a given for sure! I've just seen too many of their products fail way before their time was due. The ridiculous prices you pay just for their "name" - and nothing else I might add - just isn't worth it in my mind. That and the fact that they are just a "service dept" rip off to begin with - when taking something in for repair to one of their so-called factory repair centers - is a joke to begin with. The prices they want to charge you just to "put their magical little hands" on your broken item "and only look at it" is totally absurd to start with.

FYI here - Sony ripped me off 11+ years ago big time on a "bait & switch" bogus rebate, and for that very reason they have been banned forever from our whole household - as well as from all our friends and family relatives as well. Their loss not mine!

I've always owned and still have all Sharp CRT type TV sets in my house - as well as with my home DVD players, and they are rock solid! One bigger Sharp TV set is going on 18 years old and still plays as GREAT as day 1 even with the new digital converter box hooked up! I still like the older CRT type TV technology, as it was built MUCH BETTER then the electronic junk of today.

Anyway -

Secondly - as for your h2o-logged TV set there - whether it's a Sony or any other TV set for that matter - here's the sad news I have to tell you. I repaired one TV set one time that was used in a kids water pistol fight at the OK Water Corral - and YES - the TV set lost as well.

See - TV sets just don't like water on their mobo's - esp where the +V boost voltages of 190-200 volts DC are impressed upon components like audio transistors and the like. Not to mention where that same +V boost voltage feeds back into the main PS (Power Supply) Voltage Regulator circuitry, and also the Shutdown Circuitry as well.

On that particular TV set the water had not only blown out several Audio transistors, a couple rectifier diodes, a blocking cap, a PS surge resistor, but it also took out the main Video MPX processor chip! The latter costing about $14 just by itself. Total parts cost was roughly $25, plus the SAMS schematics at $17 - not counting my labor.

I was able to obtain all the parts locally and crossed over the IC chip to an ECG part, so that saved a lot of $$$ right there for the owner.

When all was said and done repair wise guess what? The owner didn't want to pay me a dime for repairing it once I was done, and everything on the set worked just great. At the time I only charged $18/hr - as a side business out of my house, so not only was I out my actual PCB repair time, but I was also out my time and gas for all the running around I did just to buy the parts, as well as pick up and deliver the set to the guy's house. I just had a funny feeling that the guy was going to try and stiff me at the last minute, so I decided NOT to take the set into his house - as then at that point I knew I'd be on bad turf as it were. He made no effort at all to pay for the repairs, so I held the TV set for the required 30 days as required by law, and then it was mine legally.

People sometimes just don't realize on just how much work is involved in repairing a broken TV set as it were. I even had to make a custom DIP socket for that R&R'd main Video MPX processor chip because it was a weird pin out design of 54 pins to start with, and there were no over the counter standard DIP sockets to match it. That alone took more time just to retrofit that part, as a DIP socket is always nice to have just in case the IC chip has to be later R&R'd for whatever reason. It just makes good common sense to do it that way.

Live and learn I always say - esp when it comes to repairing things for people!

Now that you know what NOT to do in the future - as related to having water around ANY electronic device that is - now you just have to decide if it's really worth repairing your old TV set there. The parts alone may not be worth the added labor cost in repair time just to get it working again. If you got the TV set for free then count your blessings and move on as it were. If it's an older set over 10 years old - if it were me - I'd just junk it and shop for another used set - esp if you are on a budget, or else a new set if you indeed have the money to spend. Just be mindful of the features you want or like if buying something used, as once you buy it you OWN it!!

For me I got a great 25" Sharp TV for the price of parts invested at roughly $40-45. It played great for another 11 years, and then I sold it for $60 to upgrade to a new Sharp 27" with the external front and rear A-V connections, because I wanted to hook up my Sharp home DVD player, and the old 25" set didn't have those newer A-V connections.

As for the water part as related to cmptrs -

Be mindful of the fact that if you keep water (coffee - soft drinks, etc) around your cmptr that the same water damage scenario could happen to it just as easily. If that should happen you might be out a LOT more $$$ then you can imagine - as related to the loss of all the stored data and more stored on that hard drive/system.

Keep that bad stuff away from the home electronics!

Best wishes on whatever you decide to do there.



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Frank, great story about Sony.

I'm not a consumer electronics repair guy by any means, but I have been asked to repair Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, and Samsung products in the past and in general I don't like dealing with them. Difficult to get schematics, and the service, parts people are not helpful at all. They always give you a local factory authorized service center and those people never want to sell parts.

Once I had a friend as me to look at his Dell CRT monitor. Turned out that it was actually a Sony Trinitron with Dell stamped on the outside...I managed to get a schematic off the internet after some digging around and the symptoms pointed to the flyback transformer being faulty.

I was going to attempt the repair myself and called both Dell and Sony to get the part but had no luck whatsoever getting cooperation. Their local service people would not sell me the part, said I had to bring it to them for repair. It didn't matter that I knew what the problem was and could fix it myself!

No matter, I did manage to locate a salvaged parts website that carried some of these transformers, but the price for a USED part was too much for my friend and he wound up scrapping it and getting a new LCD monitor.

And I am with you on repairing things for people...other than close friends and family or maybe coworkers, I won't do repairs for strangers. I have seen too many times the result of that mistake.


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ke5frf -

Thanks for the reply feedback as well.

I see you've been through the wringer as well - esp when it comes to repairing things.

That part you mentioned about "fixing things only for close friends and family or maybe coworkers" can sometimes also be a curse as well. I've heard some horror stories where sometimes your own family blood will stiff you as well. I had that happen to me one time with my younger sister and working on her rough idling fuel injected Jeep Cherokee Limited.

Little did she appreciate what I did for her after doing a minor tune-up (intake circuit plenum clean) with new Platinum Plugs as the most expensive R&R'd parts, and a de-grease of the whole engine and undercarriage. I told her that the problem was just dirty injectors, and that she had to start adding a bottle of injector cleaner every 1000 miles to the gas tank. Did she listen to me? Hell no!

When she decided on her own (a short time later) to take it into the Jeep dealership - where she bought It - they screwed her out of $500 and guess what? They didn't fix anything - as it still idled just the same! They even removed the brand new Platinum plugs telling her that that was the problem to start with! What a bunch of jerks! Go figure huh!

Last time I ever did anything for her!

So much for family huh?

My past to present girlfriends appreciated me more when I fix their car problems!

Oh well….

Keep on trucking and just do the best you can is all I can say!

Best regards - and stay away from Sony now…hahahaha



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hello friends,
my PC Monitor is broken, it is not giving display.few times it gave display and then it vanished.
can any one help me that how can i repai my monitor and what the problem with it is?????
my email address is [email protected]
thanking you in anticipation.


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First of all -

I will try and give you some troubleshooting tips only here on the forum - as I just noticed that your email addy is a GMAIL addy, and we all know that GMAIL harbors a TON of spammers and scammers there. SO - for that reason alone my advice to you is to DITCH that GMAIL addy, and rather get a legit Yahoo or Hotmail addy instead. I never even open up a GMAIL sent email because I already KNOW it's just a NIGERIAN FRAUD SCAMMER sending it to me!!

Of course the same applies with Yahoo sent emails to a certain degree as well, as for some reason Nigerian fraud scammers like Yahoo just as well. Hotmail (Notmail or Snail Mail as everyone now calls it) not so much, but yet Hotmail has TONS of JUNK MAIL spammers constantly sending you garbage, so for that reason I stopped using my Hotmail acct, and now have an even better 99.9% SPAM FREE email acct which I use as my main acct. Just so you know and others as well posting here.

NOW - as for your cmptr monitor problem there.

You need to be way more descriptive as to what you actually have there for a cmptr system and for a system monitor. The term MONITOR is just too VAGUE these days.

Hopefully this is NOT a laptop, and it's indeed a desk PC monitor - as some people will confuse the 2, and they are not the same by any means! How old is your cmptr system, and what OS (Operating System) are you using? Is it a DELL by any chance?

1st ? - What Mfr brand name is it, and what model # & size is it? Is it a CRT type (big & bulky), or is it a FLAT SCREEN (very thin profile) LCD type? That can be found on the back cover sticker decal, and there usually is a SIZE there as well. If not you just measure the monitor screen diagonally across the face of the screen with a tape measure. Round UP to the next whole number size if there is a ½" anywhere measured.

2nd ? - What year was it made - as that too is printed on the decal? Did you buy the monitor brand new, or did you salvage it from a dumpster as USED?

3rd ? - How long has this vanishing display problem been going on? Have you hit the monitor prior with you hand (or otherwise) in any way or form, as most people will do that in frustration?? BE HONEST here - as I hear it all the time repairing cmptrs like I do as a side business!

4th ? - Have you checked the detachable Power Cord - that are found on most every monitor out there today - for looseness? Most will work themselves loose esp if the monitor is constantly adjusted UP & DOWN & SIDEWAYS!

5th ? - Have you recently upgraded your system's video card in the Tower Case (TC) - if it's indeed a TC? Along the same lines - Have you checked the back of the monitor to make sure the VIDEO CABLE is securely plugged in, and that the 2 safety screws on the connector plug are firmly tightened in place?

NOTE - If the VIDEO CABLE itself, or its 2 connection points are loose in any way do the following first in this order.

1 - Close all files that you may have open - if you can even see the screen display. If you can't see the displayed screen then it really doesn't matter.

2 - Crash and close the OS by using the POWER ON button on the face of the cmptr by holding in the button for 3-5 secs - the system should then shut down by itself as from the preprogrammed BIOS settings!

3 - Next turn OFF the system Power Supply (PS) by using the ON-OFF switch located on the backplane. If you're not sure what or where this is do a Google search, or else ask someone you know that is cmptr savvy. It's pretty basic stuff everyone should know! Next - unplug the Power Cord from both the cmptr mainframe and the monitor just to be safe!!

4 - Next take and remove both ends of the VIDEO CABLE (if it can indeed be detached from both the monitor and the cmptr mainframe), and then reattach it firmly in place, and using reasonable care screw the 4 retaining screws back in snuggly! DO NOT overtighten them, but rather just finger tighten snug. If the Video Cable is permanently attached to the monitor then it possibly is an OLDER CRT type monitor, and very OLD at that.

5 - Having done all that - plug the Power Cords back into both, and turn the PS back on, as well as resetting the monitor's power switch on the front.

6 - Next turn on the cmptr, and carefully listen for a SINGLE BEEP tone to sound just before the monitor displays the system's BIOS settings just prior to launching your system's OS. If you don't get that SINGLE BEEP tone, or even a black & white screen display - of any kind - right after the SINGLE BEEP tone - then chances are your system has a BIOS related failure. Your system CMOS battery might even be dead if your cmptr is older then say 4-5 years!! That CMOS batt controls everything from a START UP point of view, and if it's WEAK then you start having sporadic system problems and/or crashes! If you get a frozen black & white screen display on bootup MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU READ WHAT IS THERE FIRST!!! It's telling you what the BIOS fault is - if there is indeed a BIOS fault?? I can't see your monitor screen so will have to do that part and report back here in post as to what is happening. BE VERY DETAILED AS WELL as a 1 or 2 reply doesn't cut it.

BIG CLUE right there.

Was your cmptr messing up just prior to the VIDEO related problem?

The one other thing that could possibly cause your system to mess up VIDEO wise might even be a BAD CDROM or DVD burner/player, as I've seen this happen to many a cmptr user and even myself one time. It's easily overlooked when doing a troubleshoot (T/S) of the system under repair!!

At this point - if your cmptr's monitor is still dead - then we can proceed to STEP 2.



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As one who has repaired many a broken TV set before I can give you some sound advice here.

First of all - Sony doesn't make that great of a TV set to begin with - less any of their other electronics as well - sorry - but it's true. Their circuits aren't the best engineered designs - that is a given for sure! I've just seen too many of their products fail way before their time was due. The ridiculous prices you pay just for their "name" - and nothing else I might add - just isn't worth it in my mind. That and the fact that they are just a "service dept" rip off to begin with - when taking something in for repair to one of their so-called factory repair centers - is a joke to begin with. The prices they want to charge you just to "put their magical little hands" on your broken item "and only look at it" is totally absurd to start with.

It's unfortunate that you feel that way about Sony. I am a Sony factory authorized video tech that has serviced Sony products from consumer to industrial/broadcast. Yes, Sony has their low end models and they also have their top shelf stuff like the XBR televisions that are EXCELLENT from the quality plastic cabinetry to the well crafted PCB and heavy shieldings. Their industrial/broadcast equipment is bar none... designed to be easily serviced and aligned... practically the industry standard of reference that other mfgrs. compete against. Today's consumer Sony products have been cheesier than from several years ago. Sony produced a consumer model VHS vvcr that employed the same chassis in their industrial line. It's built like a tank and the drive belts are toothed and self-adjust. What other mfgr. provided that great feature in their VCRs? True Sony products are complex when it comes to electronic components, but that's because they are trying to meet and retain specifications that a good many other mfgrs. wish they could attain.

If you hated servicing Sony electronics, it's likely because you lack the specific training and understanding to effectively service their products. I have many Sony products in my posession that other techs and consumers have given me out of their frustrations -- it works for me!:D
BTW, Mitsubishi was the only mfgr. that could approach Sony when it comes to televisions, vcrs, and data projectors. That stuff was built like brick $hit houses too and performed for many years, often trouble-free. I have a some of their stuff also.


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Nice Ma & Pa Kettle avatar btw! You fit the pix perfectly I might add.

Now - put that beer down and face reality! Being in a drunken stupor babbling about Sony industrial/broadcast equip this and that to no end means very little to me.

Same goes for the rest of their over-priced crap as well.

You obviously only read what you want to - that to please your own palate as it were.

I can see you are brainwashed on Sony, as are many of their so-called service dept people!

The buying public speaks otherwise, as does too Sony's fallen consumer sales numbers over the years that I was talking about - ever since that Sony boycott movement started, and esp over the past 4-5 years running as well. Explain that one!

We won't even talk about Sony's layoffs either - now will we?

I didn't start the boycott against them, but rather added into it, as it was long underway before they screwed me too with their BAIT & SWITCH games! It had nothing to do with the piss-poor bush/cheney collapsed economy either! People just aren't paying those ridiculously high Sony prices anymore. There are more reliable products out there by far, and they are more reasonably priced as well. Sony's bleeding won't stop anytime soon either - as this is here to stay for quite some time!

When you can't speak of great products across the board then I guess that speaks for itself - much as you weren't able to do - that with only being able to hype their so-called industrial/broadcast equipment as you so have. If that's all they have to hype then I can see why Sony has gone down the crapper like they have. I told their Corp people they screwed over a lot of people/consumers with their BAIT & SWITCH rebates, and that it would come back to bite them in the ass, and I was exactly right! They've lost TONS of money in profit loss due to that very fact. I'm laughing all the way to the bank as a result. What goes around comes around! Screw Sony!

It had nothing to do with not understanding Sony's poorly designed crap either. Many a time it was just Sony's crappy proprietary components that made it impossible to repair and replace having already identified the bad component - chip - whatever! Sony was notorious for doing that just so they could bilk you tons of repair money having to take the damn thing into their ripoff repair centers! Plain truth of matter so deal with that fact as that is exactly what it was and is - a FACT!

Complexity of circuitry (as you so call it) has nothing to do with it either, as my many years of being a BMET (Bio-Med Tech for you none medical people) saw medical equipment that would boggle your Sony programmed brains to a scramble!

Much of that highly specialized Medical equipment was only turned over to me for its highly specialized repair & calibration because I was the only BMET there that could even work on it to begin with, and I was christened early on in that Bio-Medical repair career as a Super-Tech by my fellow BMET's! My own fellow Dept Techs made up a special Super-Tech Badge for me to wear, and I was floored when they bestowed it on me one day! That was truly an honor!

Our Dept Secretary even baked me my favorite cake to celebrate that moment!

Can you say the same for yourself? I doubt it!

I'm not bragging here - just stating some cherished FACTS!

As for my knowledge of electronics repair - you have no idea and no knowledge at all of what you speak in trying to belittle me. But that is a given - as look who is doing it. A Sony Tech no less! Give me a break!! ROTFLMAO…….what a joke!

I was the best that best could be all throughout my Bio-Medical years, and add to that all my Military schooling, post Military schooling Degrees, and then some! All in the Electronics Field!

What I said about Sony is RIGHT ON THE MONEY - they suck! Both their CONSUMER products and their so-called "flaky at best" ripoff Service Depts! PERIOD!

You couldn't give me a Sony anything - nor would I work for Sony if they were the last job on the face of the earth and they offered me a Million dollars to join them! It's not even the money, but rather the principal of he thing that I live by.

Same goes for Toshiba as well.

When they literally gave away Stealth Submarine Prop Technology to the French in the late 70's - totally FREE btw - instead of giving it to our military people here in the USA, and then in turn the French actually went and SOLD that very same Stealth Submarine Prop Technology to the Russians for a huge profit - well - guess what? It set our own Stealth Submarine Program way behind the Russians as a result - by well over 5 years just in development at the least!

That was a HUGE loss and blow to this country's defense as far as I'm concerned and everyone I know ****-canned anything they had with the name Toshiba on it. My dad was the first in our family to throw out the Toshiba Coffee maker we had, and never bought anything with that name on it ever again! That sent out a BIG MESSAGE to Toshiba as to where they could stick their products, and they lost big time ever since then too!

Boycotts DO HURT - as our whole family and relatives can surely attest to!

Enough said…….enjoy your Sony whatevers!

Nigel Goodwin

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You obviously know nothing about domestic electronics, or how to make a sensible post - repeatedly stating "FACT" just reinforces the 'fact' that it's your personal opinion, and totally incorrect.

Sony equipment is generally one of the best designed, one of the most reliable, and comes with the best service. I repair all kind of makes, and Sony are by far the best.

If you don't have a Sony service account, then you are pretty well stuffed, but that applies to ALL makes these days. The days when manufacturers would provide all and sundry with spares and information are long gone.


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There's much I could say to argue against your comments, however you've done a perfect job of discrediting yourself. With the irony between your user name and the goon-babble you post, you've done more to enlighten us about you, and less about Sony. How does your shoe leather taste? :p

I think pretty quick on my feet for a drunken stupor hillbilly, eh?
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Planned obsolescence


There's much I could say to argue against your comments, however you've done a perfect job of discrediting yourself. With the irony between your user name and the goon-babble you post, you've done more to enlighten us about you, and less about Sony. How does your shoe leather taste? :p

I think pretty quick on my feet for a drunken stupor hillbilly, eh?
Woop there it is.........

I'll agree with Nigel and HiTech. I also work in the profession of keeping Sony's in a production setting.

We give them hell working them hr after hr. I have 10 sony 42" plasmas we broadcast for over three years without a failure using them as monitors in the classrooms. They have great rs232 command controls and have served us very well.

I have 4 sony HD 1 Camera's with equal control protocols. You'll find many folks using them in the Broadcast Industry these replaced my 3ccd d300's.

We will begin broadcasting HD when I can get all my endpoints, bridges and bandwidth.

I have small crt monitors in the control rooms I gave to the Film Dept because I refuse put them in surplus. They still work great with good color.

Like any manufacturer they will have problems but, overall I think the value is still there.

By the way I've only had my Sharp LCD Panels 8 total in my 2 new rooms for a year I haven't given them a command yet. We will see how well they fair I've heard they have a good report. but, remember maybe all that depends on day of manufacture and well built components.

Not design.



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Blah blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah
what i said!!!!!!!
You folks see what I'm talking about? More goon babble!

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