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John Thompson

New Member
I have the "Extensions add-on module". My main use is that it allows the use of capitals in variable names, which I find convenient.

It works fine in projects so far, but it seems not to be always available when I start a new project. The only way I can get a "working" version is to copy a project that works (and Pic) , strip the set up stuff in that file, enter new configuration stuff from the relevant datasheet and save as a different name. The I can get down to actual program coding.

I must be missing something simple. How do I get the compiler to recognise this module? The current project where this does not work involves a Pic 16F683.

Projects that do work involve Pic 12F683 and Pic 18F4680. plus header set up stuff for 16F716, 16F689
Header files that do not work are for 16F510 and 16F683.

While I do have a work around that is a bit long winded. Anyone have any ides why the module fires up for some Pic and not others?
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