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  • Welcome to our site! Electro Tech is an online community (with over 170,000 members) who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. To participate you need to register. Registration is free. Click here to register now.

Everything is amazing and no one is happy

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Remember the days when if we went to a party and couldnt find our friends we would have search the whole damn room or place? Now we just call them on the cellphone.

Or when you were meeting up with people and there was a change in plans and then everyone gets scattered to hell.

Or when you actually had to manually dial-up to get on the internet at super slow speeds. And you couldn't use the phone for anything else as long as you were online.

I don't even know what it's like to go searching for places that carry electronic parts, price hunting for them, and just finding what exists and getting info on them so you can decide what you want to use.

I've only heard about the days when you had to run all over campus registering for classes and prioritize so the most important classes weren't full by the time you got there. And if they were you would have to beg the professor to let you in.! I remember people complaining the first year the system came online...we all had a hard time because it did not visually display the schedule. It was more like ordering a bunch of classes by reading the class information from a list. To see where it fit into with other classes you would have to MANUALLY drop out a chart and fill in the boxes. Not anymore!
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Reminds me of the equipment auction I was at yesterday. I went there to bid on a older model D8 Caterpillar dozer for the family farm. My dad said if it looks Okay and runs fair bid it up to $7500. It was owned by the county and was in superb condition other than some the pivot points for the blade were worn and the paint was rough. It was a mid 1950's model but it ran like it was new and everything still worked well.

About 15 minutes from when they got to the dozer he showed up. He looked it over and complained about the bad paint and the worn parts. He only bid it up to $5500 and felt that it wasn't worth much more and we will find a better one for less! WTF? :confused::mad: (and yes he can afford it. He probably could by a brand new one and pay cash if he wanted to!)
$100 in paint and a days worth of welding and I could have it looking and working like new! A good used D8 Cat goes for around $15 - $25 thousand!

But he expected bigger and better for less. (Its a large part of why our farm equipment is old worn out crap.) Plus for some reason he is convinced he will rent one for a month for less. :confused:
I spent about $1400 for a weeks rental of a machine a fifth of that size ten years ago.

Too many people dont appreciate what they have and have the access too. It makes me mad. :mad:

And yes if the bank would loan me money I would have bought it myself. Hiring a machine that big with operator costs about $2000 a day now. I could have paid it off in a summers time just doing a few local field and pasture leveling jobs for neighbors.:mad:

I hate seeing people act like if something not brand new and yet not given to them its not worth having. I worked my butt off to get what I have now and do what I can to maintain. It just bugs me when someone says they will help me out with what ever they can and then drops the ball when it comes time to help me out after agreeing to what it was I was asking for help on. Especially when it something that would be of a mutual benefit to the both of us.:mad:

I fully agree with what the guy in the video is saying. Too many people just dont think about or appreciate what we have today. Some days I sort of wish that things would get far more worse for many people just to wake them up and make them see what they have around them and what they take for granted.
Some days I am probibly one of them but not many days.
Or when you have to fast forward to find the damn part of the movie you want to watch lol. Or rewind. Uggh.
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That was so true and pretty good DK. I liked the part about delays on planes.

I was once delayed in Chicago for 3 days (Snow), I had two bucks to my name, and I was tired, miserable and hungry. By the time I arrived to my destination, I missed my scheduled flight. I was supposed to catch a military flight in California to the Philippines and I missed it, so I ended up on a C5 cargo plane which seemed like it flew at the speed of a centipede tying its tennis shoes. It truly was a flight from hell.

Bench seats and no windows, we did get bologna sandwiches though :)
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You're right Mike, those C5's just look they are about to drop out of the sky. And I thought C141's were slow. I was stationed at Kelly AFB and those things would take off night and day. When I was in the flying club taking ground school and flying 172's, you were not allowed to get very close to them on the tarmac. They had a tendency of flipping over small planes during takeoff. hahaha.

Anyway, I must be getting older... i can relate to alot on this thread. ;)
You know whats amazing, burn cream, just 20 years ago if you got a burn that was bad but not so bad it required a graft you basically could put ice on it and suffer through it. When I was a kid I burnt my hand and actually passed out from pain. Even a broken bone only hurts when you move it once its been a while since it happened, but a burn just doesn't stop hurting for hours. Now they have this stuff where the second they put it on it doesn't hurt at all. If you've ever had a 2nd or 3rd degree burn over an inch or so in size, you know how big of a deal stopping that feeling is.
I just finished watching my downloaded copy of Transformers 2 and I wish the jerks bootlegging it off the theaters with video cameras would do a better job at setting up their microphones! The sound was horrible.:mad:

Now I have to try and download some other copies tonight in order to find one with better sound and picture. :p

"Everything is amazing", what a philosophy for life!

I have to press *TWO* buttons on the remote to turn my tv on...dang!
Should be only one!
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