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ESR of capacitor.

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Does tan(lamda) equal [ (1/jwC) / ESR ], where ESR is the ohmic resistance of the capacitor?

According to datasheet, tan(lamda) = 0.25 @ 120Hz,
And it turns out that R = 1 / (2pi*120Hz*10uF*0.25) = 530ohm
And it seems too large to me.

Is it correct please?
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It should be Tan(δ) = ESR/(1/jwC).

Thus the ESR = 33.2Ω at 120Hz


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ESR is just the real part of the complex impedance WHICH IS A FUNCTION OF FREQUENCY. As such, no single value will do. To actually see it you should try to get your hands on a network analyzer. If you can't afford one maybe a friend will let you borrow one -- LOL.

Ponder the following. There is a frequency at which the complex impedance of a capacitor has no imaginary part and it looks like a pure resistance.

Even stranger. There is a frequency at which the capacitor behaves like an inductor. It's complex impedance has a positive imaginary part.
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