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ESP32 / Arduino Code Error


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Thought this might be of help / interest to other novice ESP32 C++ code writers.

Opened up an old project code, should have been ok, but when running it on its test board, it kept rebooting after a few seconds ?

The Arduino IDE showed no compile error, but when we opened the Serial Monitor it showed it was doing a SW CPU RESET - though that instruction, ESP.restart(); is not in our code ?
Seemed no obvious way to locate the error, other than a long time working though the 2,000 lines of code or looking at / trying to find an Assembly listing for those code numbers shown at the end of the Serial Monitor listing Entry 0x400806ac ?

Tried running it on Atmel Studio , again no compile errors but still Resetting.
However on Studios Serial Monitor there is this little ' ! ' icon which clicked, brought up a new Output window , this time with Error codes.

The fault was traced to this line of code being commented out in error, but still not sure why a compile error was not given ?

// pwm , channel, freq, resolution
// ledcSetup(1,1000,8);

// led pin , pwm channel

3 Pics below -

Adruino IDE

Atmel Studio Serial Monitor

Atmel Hardware Error Output


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