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Encoder terminals identification help please

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hi all,
i buyed a DC motor with and encoder attached with it
the problem is that i cannot identify the encoder terminals
the motor speciications is :
DC motor 24 V Kitashiba DMM-F019A_F01 AX060082B

the encoder specifications is


i tried to find datasheet for it but could not find it

the encoder has 4 terminals (Red , Green , White , Yellow)

please i want your help


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Hi, i hope that you had found terminals from encoder.
I´m working with the same motor the terminals are orange is positive and green is negative from feed. Yellow and withe are outputs from encoder.

Do you have data sheet of the motor???? I need it.


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encoder h9700

at the name plate is :
DWG No. 1832705 Type DS045-E-A25
DC 24V 0.1475Nm 3200r/m 4A CCW

btw...thank's for all help


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Dear All,

Please upload the data Sheet of similar motor DMM-F019A0.
As I require different parameters i.e.
Time constant of motor
Viscous Friction
Shaft Inertia
Armature Inductance
Armature Resistance
Thanks and regards


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I am the one who started the topic.
I am sorry to tell you that it was 4 years ago and now I am very far from giving you a hand of help. I hope someone can give you he help you need.


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Dear M Saeed Soliman
I'm really glad to know that you've replied over the topic. Thank you!
unfortunately I've purchased such motor and after the completion of all fabrication work of my project I found that the motor is useless to me. As I need the various parameters of motor for the real time simulation in MATLAB. Fudge, it means that you never found the Datasheet of such motor.
Any way! Thank you for help!


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Hi Raheelt:
May God help you with your endeavors. I am basically an automatic control engineer. I am just now far away from control on the basis of my work. But, as far I know, you can drive the model of a motor for simulating into Matlab using practical method. Please revisit "Modern Control Systems" Br Richard Dorf and H.Bishop for the complete details.
I hope I had a lab to help you with this. If you have a lab and tools I am sure you will be able to follow the steps in the book and drive the transfer function for it.
Please tell me if you needed any more help. I will be very glad to do whatever I can.
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