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Enabling HSPLL (10 mhz x 4 PLL for 40mhz)

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I have written Oshon but have not gotten a reply yet.

I read a post dated 2007 or 2008 elsewhere on another forum that PICSimulator IDE incorrectly fathoms timings and such when the chip is running 40mhz via PLL (10mhz Resonator/Crystal with internal 4x PLL engaged).

My questions are twofold (using a PIC18F2520, and PICSimulator18 IDE)

1. How would one enable the HSPLL in code (just choosing 40mhz won't do that, will it?)

2a. Does anyone know if that PLL bug has been fixed? And how can I verify if not? (Still just learning the interrupts and timers myself, so not good at counting clocks just yet)

2b. If it is not fixed, any workarounds I can do..perhaps by generating an assembly listing to be compiled into Hex in MPLAB, and adjusting certain parts before compiling?

Thanks, Robert
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