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EMI/Fog Machine Help?

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Hi, I just built a DMX controlled fog machine remote, and it works, but most of the time it knocks out my DMX controller.

The DMX controller is a USB thing, using a FTDI interface, and I have bought a DMX relay kit and built it into my fog machine remote. Now the relay etc works fine, but almost every time I trigger the fog machine, the device stops responding to the computer. I have figured out that it is a grounding issue, since if I unplug my laptop, it doesnt cut out. I have a large ferrite bead on the input wires, and another large ferrite bead on the fog machine ground wire, also a AC cap across the pistom pump input, yet it still knocks out the DMX controller!

Short of going down to an electronics shop tommorow and buying one of those little EMI filters, anything else I could try?

Dan :)
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