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Hi there
Sonic2k here, from South Africa

Found this place by pure chance.
I was an electronic design engineer for 13 years. I gave it up, because in South Africa its pretty much the kind of occupation that will kill you eventually with stress, and the added 'benefit' of being a relatively low paying occupation. So I did the next best thing, went into IT, became a software developer, so sit by day in fancy office, with all creature comforts, hammering out code, for the banking industry while at night and on weekends I still do lots of electronics and blow stuff up complete with YouTube vids.

At least some of the people I subscribe to on Youtube, hang out here which is cool.
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Welcome to ETO, Sonic2k!

What sort of stuff do you blow up?
Stuff like RODALCO2007 and Aussie50 do on their YouTube channels, the usual, washing machines, etc. Until recently I lived in an area where this activity would have led to the cops being called on me. Thankfully that's behind us, just waiting for the weather to get better and I will see what I can do next :D I had an epic motor death on my video camera, sadly the camera was stolen :( before I could upload to YT.

The YT channel is youtube.com/users/miyukisan782

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