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Hello all.I love electronics,but hate the fact that I have to wait forever,and spend $6.00 and up on shipping of $1.00 electronic components.And we all know radio shack anymore is an over-glorified cell phone store.I was wondering if there is anyone here from New Jersey that could tell me where there are any good electronic stores around.I knew of two but both closed down within the last 2 years.Any help would be much appreciated.....Thanx... :roll:

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Move to Toronto and I'll show you about a dozen stores 8)


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hmm. I suppose that your best bet would be to check the yellow pages for electronics stores etc. We have a couple of surplus stores out here, as well as Fry's electronics, etc. Of course, I am in the same city that houses a couple of major semiconductor manufacturers (ON, Motorola, Microchip etc.) I know this doesn't help you much. My point is, check the local listings, hopefully you'll find a store. :D
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