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Electronics and Microcontroller Textbook Recommendations?

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Hi, I'm getting involved in electronics for the first time and I would like to know what textbooks you can recommend. My background is in physics (BS/MS) and mathematics (BS) but I only took a single hardware class as a student because nothing more was required. I'd like to remedy this for various reasons.

Various friends have recommended the Art of Electronics as a good if dated reference. I've been playing with Amtel AVR microcontrollers x2313 but I do not understand how they work and what everything means (but that doesn't stop me from following circuits diagrams with them). I'd like recommendations for both electronics textbooks and microcontroller textbooks.

Thank you.


Lots of good dated books out there, I would spend much money on them as most of the info you'll need can be found in the manufacturers data sheets and application notes. It doesn't sound like you'll have much trouble picking up the jargon, so a beginner book isn't going to help you much. Poke around the manufacturers and related websites, you'll find more useful information there than in a "Microcontrollers for Dummies" type of book.


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For Electronics basics, Robert Boylsted has written a very good book.
For 8051 microcontrollers refer book by Kenneth Ayala.
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