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Electronic speed controller

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Anobody got a "easy" R/C speed controller design ?

I'm building a Tank that has two RS-380 motors and want to controll
forward/reverse/braking via standard R/C gear.

I've found plenty of designs but they are pretty old and things tend
to evolve quickly.

Specs would be 10-15 amps and 7.2 volts. (I guess)

PIC based is a bonus because I want to be able to delay it bit to
get a more realistic handling.


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What R/C mean exactly?

I found this interresting site... I thinik you have to build an H-Bridge to allow your motor goes foward/braking/reverse


thay have a sample code in .asm... so you can modify it as your wish... :lol:

you can control the two motors seperatly, so the control will be like a real tank... maybe is what you mean in your message...

if you want to build you own h-bridge, I recommand you to use mosfet cause they are easier to command. I think the bipolar transistors are not a good choice for that kind of application.
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