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electronic dazer help involving oscillator circuit

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I made the electronic dazer according to the specs and the dazer only produces around 350 volts. My friend made one too, and it produces around 400 volts. We both made our own PCB's and we are not sure what the problem is. I am POSITIVE that i made the dazer exactly to the diagram. I did use the transistor substitues, 2N5190 and 2N5193. I am not sure what the problem could be. Please help. I think the problem might be in the oscillator circuit. I'm not too sure, but maybe the oscillator isn't producing the right frequency to match the transformer. Any help on troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated. anyone with expertise on oscillator, your input is greatly valued. Im almost positive that is what's wrong wit it. The link for the schematic is below. http://www.uoguelph.ca/~antoon/circ/dazer.htm


If its only producing the voltage levels you state, it could be possible that the voltage multiplier isnt working correctly.

Disconnect the diode array from the transformer and measure the voltage on the secondary, then add each diode/cap stage in turn and re measure the voltage at each stage......

The voltage on the secondary should be around 300v according to the text....


You're not quite clear - do you want yours to be 400V (like your friend's one), or are you telling us that they both don't work?

In the first case, it may not be your fault - it could just be natural variations in transistor gain (no two transistors are exactly the same, unless you buy an ultramatched pair), or maybe your transformer has a slightly different number of turns on it.

If you are suggesting that it should be ALOT higher, then I'm not quite sure - I'll have to think about it a while.
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