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*EL CHEAPO*, *NOPPP or Recommend a Programmer for 16F877

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Hi everyone! This is my first post I hope you guys can help me with my problem that I've been having for the longest time. I am trying to program a stepper motor using a PIC16F877. I have the code running and all. But my problem is that I cannot program it on to the chip.


Before I had a EL Cheapo programmer (http://www.myke.com/elcheapo.htm) where I loaded the bootloader then loaded my hex file into the PIC using a software called "PIC Downloader" by Petr Kolomaznik. It was working before but suddenly it stopped. I've been working at this for a week now. But nothing!
When I try to program it, it just goes to 100 percent in a second which doesn't seem right. And when I verify it is tells me that it found another address that it wasn't supposed to find.

So I went to another programmer called the NOPPP, not sure if anyone heard of it before (http://www.covingtoninnovations.com/noppp/nopppcount.shtml). This NOPPP programmer writes the HEX file into the PIC exactly the way it supposed to but then for some reason it doesn't move the stepper motor when I place the chip inside the circuit.

My question is if anyone is familar with the NOPPP, "Can I take a new PIC and just load a HEX file into the PIC via the NOPPP and use it in my circuit assuming that my code is correct.

*What I did to confirm that it loaded it right was, I loaded the HEX into the PIC then read from the PIC and saved the Hex file and compared the two files*

Thanks all.!!!

or can you guys recommend another PIC16F877 programmer that is easy to build and use thanks everyone for all your help. Very very grateful.


programing the Pic 16Fxxx

Well as far as i can think of there are three things you could do.

a-check that the chip is in the correct position. if it is write the code on again and then read the code back off the chip again. if it is not the same then you have a problem

b-try some different software- picall and WinPicProg are some good programmers that you may wish to look for.

or c-get a new pic programmer. I personally have the P16PRO40 which is an excelent quality programmer for its size. it is able to program a whole variety of the serialy programed Pic. for more information goto www.dontronics.com

Hope this helps you.

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