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Dual Schottky Diodes 12CWQ04FN


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I've got over 3000 of these. The full part number is 12CWQ04FN TR PBF

They come on reels of 2000, and I have one full reel and most of another one.

They were bought in error at the end of 2009.

PM me with any offers. I'll send out samples if you're serious.


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More components for sale

As the company that I run is closing down, we've got quite few items for sale. Here are the expensive electronic components that we've ended up with.

Telit GE864 Quad
Part no. GE864QUD724-011
Date 17/03/10
200 off
Sealed in bags of 100

We also have access to another 400 of these.

Microchip PIC24FJGA004-I/PT
Sealed bag of 200 off in waffle trays
97 off date code 09/52
103 off date code 09/41


548 off in waffle trays, not sealed
date code 09/52
As many are in packaging that has been opened, I'll sell small quantities.
(Best offer so far $0.40)

2000 off sealed date code 812G


about 1800 not sealed, date code 742G
(Best offer so far $0.12 each)

CH03-BH06-BAT-L SIM card holder.
1295 off

National LM25576MA/NOPB switch mode regulator
1314 off in sticks.

Omron GMVM-61G1 Opto relay
1000 off in sticks

ST L6924D Li-charger IC
about 2400 off, part reel
(Best offer so far $0.26 each)

Fairchild FQD12N20 200V mosfet
date code 0809
part reel of about 2000 off
(Best offer so far $0.08 each)

MEMSIC MXC62020JV 2 axis ±2g I2C accelerometer
part reel of about 1500
date 2009/11/13

National LM2676SX-ADJ switch mode regulator
part reel of about 400
date 03/03/2008
(Best offer so far $0.44 each)

We also have a load of 0603 resistors and capacitors. If anyone wants any of those, or a 100 off each as a lab kit, please make me an offer.
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