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DS18s20 Temperature Resolution

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Does anyone know if you can increase the resolution of the reading past the 9 bits that it says? In the data sheet it talks about using a temperature count to find the temp.

Has anyone tried to increase the ressolution of the chip?
I am using a PIC16F84a to interperate the data. The resolution of the tempurature is not all that great and it tends to drift back and forth between two readings.

thanks in advance

EDIT: Typo in first post should be the DS18S20. My bad. Thats is what I get for typing and trying to listen in class.


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Are you reading in all 9 bits?

I haven't used that part, but the datasheet is pretty explicit on extending resolution, although it will require some additional programming on your part.
If your temperature doesn't change rapidly, you can pick up more stability by taking a moving average, where you take the most recent N samples (N=an integer of your choice), sum them, and divide by N. If you make N=2^n, then division is simply dropping the n least significant bits.
Also have you done a Google search for "DS1620 PIC"? You might find some tips this way.
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