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Does anyone have schematics of this: "FLASH-Lab 77&quot

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Flash-lab 77 schematic

Dear mysemcon2000,

Since you posted here, I must assume you know about the internet. I am now going to inform you of a site that will blow you away.
Just enter: Google into the box where you enter URLs in your "browser" Google is a search engine where you can find many wondrous things. For instance try typing in Flash-lab 77 , you will find that the very first result returned is FLASH-Lab 77 PIC16F877 Development System from PicBasic Pro,PicBasic,Basic Stamp,PIC Micro,and 8051 Microcontroller Projects. On that page you will find a "link" to a "pdf document". Look for something that says "Click HERE to download the FLASH-Lab 77 documentation in Adobe .PDF" clicking on this link will open a pdf document in your browser. On page 8 of this document you will find the schematic.
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