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Do you think we[this forum]...

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Ive been coming here alot in the last few months or so. I like reading about what people are doing and new projects underway.

This forum quite a number of experienced people who know what they are talking about and a large number of people who are learning.

But it seems that there is a lot of hand holding and babying. It almost seems as lazy people are taking advantage of this site and the people. Thats not to say everyone is, but I have noticed a large number of posts asking people for schematics that they can very well find themselves, or how/why something might be, when its not necessarily overly complicated and a quick search will yeild many pages of information.

I dont know if anyone else has noticed this, but is the way to help people ? If they are truly trying to learn, shouldnt they get their hands dirty ? Let them do the hardwore and assist with guidance not an entire project that they have to compile. I got my hands dirty when I was learning and im still learning and my hands are still dirty(figuratively of course :p).

The post that made me write this was, someone found some source code and asked someone to clean it up for him ?

What do you think ? Babying ?


Perhaps we're being far too polite. :D


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I depends on the person. Both in the asking and whos giving.
If its an honest question I will give them the answer but if its a "do my homework for me" I usualy dont answer or if I do I make them work for it. If they dont want to work for it I landmine the info that I do give them.
When you go to turn in your homework and the answer you gave is way wrong but sounds very technical do you want tell your teacher you got that answer from some strangers on the internet instead of looking for it yourself?
I think most of the regulars do a good job of watchdogging the new people here.
I had to earn my place and still am. aA few of the newbee's will be come regulars too if we are not to hard on them.
Isnt whole point of this site to share ideas, information and knowledge freely?


I agree with tcmtech 100% The best you can do with the bad one's is grin and bear it.
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I agree with tcmtech 100% The best you can do with the bad one's is grin and bear it.
Then there is always a good kick in the pants.

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