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Do I Need Debugging Headers for 18F Chips?

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Until now I've been using a 16F690 chip in my projects because that was the chip that came with my Pickit2. I would like to try using one of the newer 18F series chips but don't want (can't afford) to buy a debugging header thingy like the one I use with my 16F690 as shown below.

Is it the case that some of the 18F chips have the debugging facilities 'built-in' thus negating the requirement for a seperate header? I've read some of the data sheets but it's still not clear to me if this is the case.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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You will find the 18Fs a lot easier to program with little to bother about with Page and Bank commands.

If you are just experimenting, then get a 40 pin chip - only a few pence dearer - the 18LF4620 is a low price and will also run at 3v3 is you neeed it in the future.

Using a 40 pin will allow you to easily dedicate Mclre, PGC and PGC to the PK2 so no switching over or disconnecting each time you go from Program to Debug to Run.
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