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DMM - UT139S vs UT191E - Which one wins ? Or other (maybe better) alternatives ? Better deals ?


Hello guys,
long time no see. First of, glad to see that some old members are still active and in good health.

Now, my one and only multi-meter died, sure I could try to fix it but I would also like to get a new and better one.
Sorry if I should be posting this in "Product & Service Reviews" instead.

So, asides from Fluke and Amprobe (which I would recommend for professional heavy daily activities) not many brands have survived that last 20 years or so.

My question is: Between the UT191E and the UT139S (or even the UT139E) which one do you guys have and recommend (and if not too much trouble why)?

My main usage will be in mostly digital electronics, some analog stuff, also mostly in low power, but I want it to be good enough for me to find issues in cars and general house electrical stuff and appliances and such. I want an digital electronics multi-meter that also works well in the handyman's hands. I came to these 2 models because of the price and general features. I'm leaning to the UT191E (cheaper and sturdier), but the UT139S (look better, has some extra neat features that I will rarely need).


  1. Measurement setting saved after power reset
  2. IP65, 2m drop proof
  3. True RMS/Peak value measurement
  4. Auto backlight
  5. 20A current measurement
  6. LoZ AC measurement

Models and Comparison:

DC voltage (V)600V±(0.5%+3)±(0.5%+3)
AC voltage (V)600V±(0.7%+3)±(0.7%+3)
LoZ ACV (V)600V±(2%+5)±(2%+5)
ACV LPF600V±(2%+5)±(2%+5)
DC current (A)20A±(0.8%+3)±(0.8%+3)
AC current (A)20A±(1%+3)±(1%+3)
Resistance (Ω)60MΩ±(0.8%+2)±(0.8%+2)
Capacitance (F)60mF±(3%+5)±(3%+5)
Frequency (Hz)10Hz~1MHz±(0.1%+4)±(0.1%+4)
Duty cycle0.1%~99.9%±(2%+5)±(2%+5)
Temperature (℃)-40℃~400℃ (0.1°C resolution) ±(1%+20)
Temperature (℉)-40℉~752℉ (0.2°F resolution) ±(1%+40)
ACV peak hold ±(2%+100)±(2%+100)
Peak current detection ±(3%+100)±(3%+100)
Display count6000
Sampling rate3 times/second
Analog bar graph31 sections
True RMS
AC voltage frequency response45Hz~400Hz
AC current frequency response45Hz~400Hz
Diode/Continunity test
Auto/Manual range
Auto power off
Low battery indication
Data hold/MAX/MIN
Function selection (SELECT)
Flashlight/Auto backlight
2m drop test/IP65
General Characteristics
Power9V battery
LCD size58mm x 42mm
Product net weightRed and grey
Product color428g
Product size180mm x 87mm x 59mm
Standard accessoriesTest lead, battery, carrying bag, point contact temperature probe (UT191T)
Standard individual packingGift box, English manual
Standard quantity per carton10pcs
Standard carton measurement545mm x 315mm x 335mm
Standard carton gross weight8.8kg



1. True RMS
2. NCV
3. Auto/manual ranges selectable
4. 31-segment analog bar graph
5. Diode, duty ratio and continuity buzzer
6. Black EBTN screen

Models and Comparison:

DC voltage (V)600V±(0.5%+2)±(0.5%+2)±(0.5%+2)±(0.5%+2)±(0.5%+2)
AC voltage (V)600V±(1%+3)±(0.8%+3)±(0.8%+3)±(0.8%+3)±(0.8%+3)
DC current (A)10A± (0.7%+2)±(0.7%+2)±(0.7%+2)±(0.7%+2)±(0.7%+2)
AC current (A)10A±(1%+3)±(1%+3)±(1%+3)±(1%+3)±(1%+3)
Resistance (Ω)20MΩ±(1%+2)    
40MΩ ±(0.8%+2)   
60MΩ  ±(0.8%+2)±(0.8%+2)±(0.8%+2)
Capacitance (F)99.99mF ±(4%+5)±(4%+5)±(4%+5)±(4%+5)
Frequency (Hz)10Hz~10MHz ±(0.1%+4)±(0.1%+4)±(0.1%+4)±(0.1%+4)
Temperature (°C)-40°C~1000°C  ±(1%+3)±(1%+4)±(1%+4)
Temperature (°F)-40°F~1832°F  ±(1.5%+5)±(1.5%+5)±(1.5%+5)
Display count 20004000600060006000
Auto range/Manual range
/True RMS
Bandwidth (Hz) 45Hz~400Hz45Hz~1kHz45Hz~1kHz45Hz~400Hz45Hz~400Hz
NCV/Continuity buzzer 
Duty cycle0.1%~99.9% 
Diode Around 2VAround 3VAround 3VAround 3VAround 3V
LPF/LoZ (ACV)    
Analog bar    
General Characteristics
Power1.5V battery (R6) x 2
Display58mm x 36mm
Product colorRed and grey
Product net weightUT139A/B/C: 354g; UT139E/S: 345g
Product size170mm x 80mm x 48mm
Standard accessoriesUT139A/B: Batteries, test leads;
UT139C/E/S: Batteries, test leads, temperature probe
Standard individual packingGift box, English manual
Standard quantity per carton20pcs
Standard carton measurement450mm x 330mm x 340mm
Standard carton gross weight12.2kg
Optional accessoryUT139C: Current sensor AC/DC 40A

Thanks in advance!

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