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Direction and speed control of dc motor in MSP430G2553 using l298n/l293d and potentiometer

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Guys, i really need help. I am new to msp430 and i have very big task. The task is PWM-based speed control of a motor by a potentiometer. I am using msp430g2553 ,L298n motor driver board, 5V DC motor, -1 x 10 kOhm potentiometer and 9V battery and its connector . I have been working for 9 hours and i just figured out how to work motor driver. Goals of our project are;

- Read an analog value from the potentiometer.

-Convert this analog value to digital level using ADC module of MSP430G.

-According to this digital value, generate a PWM signal. The duty cycle of the PWM signal must range from 0% to 100% as the analog value changes from its minimum to its maximum.

-Feed the motor driver board with this PWM signal and observe the motor speeds up as the duty cycle increases and speeds down as the duty cycle decreases.

-When the switch S2 (internally connected to the P1.3 pin) is pressed, reserve the direction of the rotation of the motor.

The code must be written in C language.

Please help me, please
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