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digital ics (and other stuff)for sale

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spring cleaning, time to clear out some old stuff laying around...
if i don't get any takers on this by the 25th of May, i will be tossing it...

SCN8049 8-bit micro qty 15 $3.00 ea $30.00 for the lot

uPD41256 256kx1 dram qty 33 $1.00 ea $20.00 for the lot

27C240 256Kx16 UVPROM qty 12 $3.00 ea $25.00 for the lot

uPD8749 8 bit micro w/ 2k UVPROM qty 2 $25.00 for the pair (i could only find 2 sources for these online with pricing, one source was $36.00, and the other wanted (WTF???) $300 each)

27C64, -128,-256 UVPROM qty 96 mixed (most have stickers on them) $15.00 for 10, $100.00 for the lot.

these came out of industrial machines and are all ceramic dip packages.

or if somebody wants the whole shebang... $150.00


i also have PC RAM sticks, mostly an assortment of DDR2, and older.
two ATI AGP video cards, two PCI wireless cards (one is a Linksys WMP11V4, the other is a generic RT2561)

assorted SATA hard drives 40G and up, there are about 10 of those, up to about 250G

i have a Lenovo mini desktop PC and a HP laptop both about 8 yrs old

more to follow...
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