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DFR200 Fingerprint Device SDK Manual (or information) Needed

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Hi to all
I have a project about fingerprint authentication system at hacettepe university
for this purpose i buy a device that is compaq fingerprint scanner (or reader) comes with Identix Biologon software
but i want to use this scanner with my program
how can i do that,
I need an SDK developers manual for this purpose
Anyone have??
i download an SDK program from identix web site -> checkdfr.exe
it uses 3 dll files
dfrdrv.dll -> DFR200 interface library
itio32.dll -> Image input/output library
itf32.dll -> Framegrabber interface library

how can i use these dlls if cannot find any sdk manual
(i know delphi, c and c++ langıages)
Please Help...
Its really important..


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You have posted same topic in two different forums. Please do not cross-post from future. Thats why I am deleting the post from "Electronic Projects Design/Ideas/Reviews" section.
Please do not get offended by this because it is just to keep the forum clean and free from repeatedly asked topics.
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