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Design Project on Temperature Control

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I, along with 2 other students, am in the process of designing a temperature control system using the LM75 temperature sensor and PIC16F84. I was wondering if anyone knew of any resources on temperature control and PIC programming and compilers. We also are trying to build a schematic for this design, but don't know where to start. I really don't have any programming experience and we were advised to used the microBASIC language. Can anyone give me some information on any of these topics?



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PIC16F84 alone won't be able to read LM75 since its output is analog and 16F84 doesn't have an in-built ADC to convert analog temperature signal to digital one.
I suggest you is to use the similar digital temerature sensor DS1820 or Digital Thermostat DS1821 from Dallas semiconductors (www.maxim-ic.com). These are very accurate and low cost sensors giving output in steps of 0.5 degree. The temperature ranges of LM75 and DS1820 are alomost same.
For schematic and software program search for "DS1820 PIC16F84 Schematic" in google. I am sure you will find lots of schematics and programs.
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