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DC voltage and data logging

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I just found your great forum and would like some advice please.

I am setting up a data logger for my race bike and would like to check if I am going about things in the best way to avoid damaging the data logger.

Data Logger: Race Technology DL90
Digital input max 5v
Analoge max 12 V


I wish to data log the front brake lever to check where I am braking on the track. The common way to do this is setup a digital channel with a 5v trigger. The output from the brake sensor which normally goes to the rear brake light is around 13.5 volts DC and the max digital input to the data logger is 5v. How would I adjust the level to a maximum of 5v. The logger has an adjustable trigger level

2. I also wish to trigger a start signal with the horn button, the horn button also outputs 13.5 VDC, Currently I am using a 12V SPST relay conneted to the horn with the open close switch signaling to the data logger inputs. This works ok but I was wondering if it is the best way to do it, I am a bit concernd that the relay may stick or that the wires may come loose.

Perhaps heat shrinking around the relay and cables would help and maybe aplying a resin around the terminals to prevent the terminals becoming twisted.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Not open for further replies.

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