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dc pwm Arduino and icd 16x2 control


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Hi guy im new to the programming world of Arduino . And im in need of advice im controlling
a device with pwm from arduino uno i also have lcd 16x2 with 4 way push button control . I need advice on just getting duty cycle to show up and be able to control the output and also hrtz as well with the push buttons is has a built in potentiometer. if anyone would like to comment or leave codes to help it would be greatly appreciated.


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Thanks I will give it a look once I’m done I will post pics of device!
Actually, in your programming Arduino IDE, select File-> Examples -> digital write (a.k.a, PWM), 1602 display and several others are already on your computer - just cut, paste, edit, experiment, show it to your friends. Be the envy of the neighborhood.


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Personally, I like the I2C 4x20 LCDs because they only tie up two pins.


Nigel Goodwin

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I suppose you ride a three wheeled "motorcycle" as well.
He obviously rides a two wheeled one, where you ride a 14 wheel one :D

As he says, it makes life a LOT easier if you use the I2C interface chip, it's really just a question of the trade off between an extra chip and I/O lines.

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