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Data acquisition

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Hi guys,

I would like help in obtaining data (voltage and current requirements) from a device (e.g. mobile phone, laptop etc) without switching it on, (possibly applying just a signal voltage not plugging it into a source) and then send this data to a microcontroller of some sort, for analysis or decision making.

This is part of an automatic variable power supply I'm trying to design.

Schematics would appreciated where possible.

Thanx guys!


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the best way would be to use a stream of photons, use them to read the compliance label. There is a wide difference in voltage and current requirements for mobiles and laptops, mobiles 4 to 10V(100mA) laptops 12-20V (2Amp). If you aply 20V to a mobile, you can use the photon beams again to watch the smoke.
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