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D and JK flip flop

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when designing is considered,for JK f/f we have another extra table called excitation table ,which is not while designing D f/f.could you explain what and why the excitaion table is used in JK f/f when designing
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D flip-flops, too, have an excitation table. It's just not that interesting :) The reason is you can get lost more easily with many JK's than with D's, for a JK can do more things (set, reset, hold, toggle) whereas a D projects its input on a transition and holds it elsewhere. Easy to keep track.


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The excitation table is needed while designing the jk flip flop. When you are doing with present state and next state, you are going to do do so with excitation table.
Hello George, this thread is over three years old, and the OP hasn't been here for well over two.


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